Payment Options

Payment Options

We accept: VISA, MASTERCARD, & CASH. In addition we accept pre-established credit approved accounts by the Hotel to charge back.

Credit Cards:

Payments made directly to the Hotel by using a credit card attract a surcharge of additional 1.5% [on Visa and MasterCard] 2.5% [American Express Card] on the total invoice amount.

A third party wanting to pay for the entire or part of charges for a booking he or she can transfer the amount to our bank account in advance.


Require prior authorization with Management and must be cleared in our bank account prior to the arrival. No personal cheques will be accepted at check-in and/or during the entire stay. Normally we require 5 to 7 business days for the process of receiving, clearing in our account and entering the cheque amount as credit on to your reservation.

Letter Of Company Authority:

is for Credit Accounts approved by the Hotel only that have been pre-established with the Hotel. To apply for a credit account for a Company, please use the Credit Application Form available on this page. An email is required from the Company’s email address, purchase order if applicable and/or authority on Company letter head to chargeback.

Please see our Booking Information and Check In Terms for related information.

Direct Debit:

Funds must clear in our bank account 24 hours prior to the guest arrival. Overall it takes a minimum of 3 business days to clear all processes. You must inform the Hotel when transferring funds into our account once the transfer is done, booking confirmation number is to be placed in the reference field (during banking) as the transfer details.

Proof of transfer/receipt or remittance advice is requested for issued invoices at [email protected] and in case of advance deposits for future bookings or long term guests in-house at [email protected]

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