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Spending the Nights on Dews in Oman

Probably the happiest day of your life will be spent in Oman's Wahiba Sands. Experience a night in the desert in one of our exclusive camps in Oman. Family tents with rooms in highly sought-after settings with stunning natural scenery and panoramic views of lovely dunes.

You can delve into the illustrious past by staying in one of the rooms, each of which consists of 16 tents, amid the renowned Bedouin community. In order to make the team more comfortable, we can offer up to triple beds for larger groups. Our accommodations are more than just a place to stay in the desert; they are chic, opulent tents where our guests may experience real culture and peace.

Our Family Tents Ideal For Everyone

A full Magic Camp is made particularly for you with the Luxury family tent with rooms ideal for you with Private Setup! You and your group will have a completely private experience where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert, the beach, or the palm groves while our staff is on hand and at your complete disposal. The culinary team creates authentic and elegant fresh dishes based on regional cuisine and utilising delectable oriental flavours under the direction of its skilled chef. Either within the rooms or outside under the stars are options for dining!

Tips to Help you make the most of your tent Stay:

  • Pick a suitable camping location. Make sure you are mindful of your surroundings when choosing a place to camp. Camping away from cliffs, waterfalls, and other potentially hazardous areas is advised. Additionally, make sure to locate a flat area big enough for your tent.
  • Arrive ready. Pack all the essentials, such as tents, sleeping bags, food, water, and flashlights. It's also crucial to keep in mind that it will probably turn chilly at night, so don't forget to take some warm clothing and blankets.
  • Be Respectful to Nature.

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We accept: VISA, MASTERCARD, & CASH. In addition we accept pre-established credit approved accounts by the Hotel to charge back.

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