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  Get Started

To get started you require to be authorized Admin of the CMS System. Firstly, you have to open your Browser Window and provide the CMS System URL on the Address Box of the Browser. Then you will see the Login page of the CMS System. Put Login information into the User ID and Password fields. For the System, Login information is pre-defined for the first time and you can change the Password by succefully logging into the System.

  Forgot Password

Sometime User forgot to remember the Password. But this piece of information is very vital for logging into the System. Therefore, Password is credential and confidential which provides the system security and unauthorized access of the system. That's why, there is an option for the system user to retrieve his/her password through the Forgot Password link.

By clicking on the above mentioned link you will find the Forgot Password page. Here, you will asked to provide your User ID and E-mail that are provided at the time of System Registration. By successfully providing these pieces of information you will be able to retrieve your Password for the System.

  System Requirements

CMS System Requirements is very smart and flexible. You will require the High Speed Internet Connection and Your Laptop or Desktop Computer. Additionaly, you need to purchase our CMS System for your business needs. Therefore, system requirements are pointed out below -

1. Your Desktop or Laptop Computer System.
2. High Speed Internet Connection.
3. Web Client Program/Softwares like - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Latest versions of the Browsers.
4. Purchase CMS System for Login Information.

  Help Center

You can get your Help through our Online Help Center. Our Helpdesk Support will note down your problem and then refer to the respective TECH AND SUPPORT Department. They will identify your problem and help you to resolve your problem within short period of time. Our team of Experts are very cordial and passionate about their work. Our Help Center contacts are given below -

Hotline: +88 - 0172 - 0673938
Department: Tech And Support

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