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Arabian Oryx Camp is Oman’s leading, luxury camp reservation provider. We are a comprehensive business, offering everything from best camping spots in Oman, adventures, and events to hotel reservations and guidance. Our small but seasoned team is zealous about providing luxury off-grid with camps that have around 107 rooms making your cherish your stay with us. We take great pride in bringing our special fusion of flawless service, luxurious comfort, and casual flair to magnificent places. On your terms, enjoy a night in the middle of the Oman private desert camp. In addition to our promise of comfort, pick from a choice of chic, traditional rooms and tents that all maintain the true Bedouin feel. A full magical camp is made particularly for you with the Luxury camp with Private Setup! You and your family are sure to enjoy the solitude of the desert while our staffs are present and solely focused on serving you. It is a completely private experience that you will cherish for long. Take advantage of the chance to create lifelong memories with your family and friends by engulfing in the best camping spots in Oman.

Some of Our Collection of Camp Rooms are as listed below:

  • Premium Deluxe

    With a double bed or two single beds, double or twin cabins are furnished in the typical Omani style. Everyone has an own restroom with a toilet and shower. This room is ideal for a maximum of 2 children and 2 adults. We have a total of 20 rooms available.

  • Deluxe

    You'll feel more like a true Bedouin in our tents. The bathrooms in each tent each have a toilet and a shower. We use solar energy instead of generators, just like the Bedouins, and the entire camp is beneficial to the environment. This room is ideal for a maximum of 2 children and 2 adults. We have a total of 48 rooms available.

  • Grand Family

    Enjoy your stay in our grand family tent with rooms which can include a maximum of 6 adults along with maximum of 3 children.

  • Small Family

    Perfect stay for small families or those who wishes privacy. Setup for maximum of 4 adults and 2 children.

  • Standard Room Camp

    The camp's standard room features a patio with views of the mountains. Access to a balcony is available, and there is free on-site parking. A dining space, a seating area, and a kitchen with a burner and an oven are all included. The tented camp offers a continental breakfast to its visitors.

The Best Oman Private Desert Camp

In Oman, wild camping is one of the greatest ways to appreciate the outdoors. There are a lot of best camping spots in Oman. In the calm and seclusion, you could become more conscious of your surroundings. Wild camping is permitted almost everywhere in Oman, so you may have incredible nights by the ocean, in the mountains, or even in the desert! Since Oman is a generally secure nation, there are no problems with wild camping.

Why Choose Us?

One of the best Oman private desert camp is Arabian Oryx Camp. We support eco-friendly travel and work to preserve Oman's natural environment, wildlife, and cultural legacy. Since authenticity is at the core of what we provide, perfecting every element of our Desert Safaris is essential to their success.
As a result, we ensure that the landscape, culture, and history of this great nation are respected during our Desert Safaris. By embracing modernism, you may experience the charm of the Dubai desert with a contemporary twist.
These premium Desert Safaris redefine rustic luxury and allow you to see the desert in style. We pride ourselves on providing the best adventures we can. We created our brand to cater to discerning travellers who seek the highest calibre of service and attention to detail.

Benefits of Staying in Camps Rooms:

  • Stress Reduction

    Schedule overload should remain at home. When you go camping, there is nowhere you have to be at a specific time, and nothing is trying to get your attention or interrupting you. Relaxation and stress reduction unlike everywhere else are the natural outcomes of this type of environment.

  • Fresh Air

    You might not be aware of how difficult it is to breathe clean air every day. When you go camping, you experience both the wonderful scents of nature and the aroma of food being prepared over an open fire.

  • Relationship Building

    Camping's ability to foster and strengthen connections is among its best and most crucial features. Going camping with friends or family allows you to spend time together without interruptions, even late at night.

  • Physical Fitness

    Camping time is physical time. You pitch a tent, collect firewood, and begin hiking. We frequently lead sedentary lifestyles at home that do not encourage physical fitness. You can't help but move around and raise your heart rate when you're camping.


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